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If you are someone who has asked any of the following questions, I gotta see you in the room for this event…

How can I build my credit score as a college student?

What are some ways to save money as a college student?

What are some strategies for paying off student loans after graduation?

What are some smart investment options for college students?

How can I balance my part-time job and my studies while still managing my finances?

What are some common financial mistakes that college students make, and how can I avoid them?

How can I prepare financially for life after college?

What are some ways to earn extra income while in college?

How can I plan for unexpected financial emergencies while in college?

You are in the RIGHT place!

College Credit Challenge ™ Rewind 

A 100% live virtual experience that shows you how to level up your life and reduce stress!

The College Credit Challenge is THE number one event helping college student transition into adulthood with transparent education with real-time gameplay building! 


As a college success coach, I help students like you, who feel overwhelmed by stress or financial challenges to regain clarity and transform into confident, fulfilled, and financially empowered young adults. 


Through personalized coaching and guidance, I provide you with the tools and resources you need to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals, both during and after college. Whether it's managing finances, building healthy habits, or navigating the complexities of college life, I am committed to supporting you every step of the way. With my help, you can transform your college experience into a stepping stone toward a successful and fulfilling future..

This program was designed specifically for

This persona represents students who are facing financial challenges such as student loan debt, high tuition costs, and limited job opportunities. They may have a limited income and struggle to make ends meet. These individuals may benefit from financial education and resources to help them manage their finances effectively.

This persona represents students who are financially responsible and have a good understanding of personal finance. They may have a budget, save money regularly, and invest in their future. They are likely to be proactive about their finances and take steps to achieve their financial goals.

This persona represents students who may struggle with impulse buying and may not have a clear understanding of their financial situation. They may be prone to overspending and may not have a budget. These individuals may benefit from financial education and resources to help them improve their financial literacy and make more informed financial decisions.

This persona represents students who are proactive about their financial future and have a long-term financial plan. They may be saving for retirement, investing in the stock market, and planning for major expenses such as buying a home. These individuals may benefit from financial education and resources to help them achieve their financial goals

Here's a snapshot of what you will learn in just
one session..

Credit Building & Foundations for Financial Freedom: Advice on landing your dream job, Scaling your small business idea, or Paving your path to financial independence and becoming a BOSS

Money-Making Secrets: Strategies for getting your business idea off the ground with zero to low-cost options or Building a robust network that will jumpstart your upward career mobility



Eliminate Student Loan Anxiety: Solutions for eliminating and consolidating debt payments, Exploring plans for programs and opportunities that can pay debt and towards higher education
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