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Velocity Banking

Brittany Greene & Denzel Rodriguez

Are you needing to improve your credit in order to take advantage of this powerful tool called velocity banking?

See below!

Denzel's Journey

image (1).png

Denzel Started his journey with me in 2019 with a score of 690. At the time he was considered a File Type B because all he needed was strategy in order see the increase he needed. 


After applying the strategy he was able to see increase while taking on the velocity banking strategy. By May of 2020 he was at a 778. Understand that while doing velocity banking you may see fluctuation BUT with a proper strategy you will know how to increase at anytime!

Understand everyone's journey is different which is why education and personalization is key. Before you book your free consultation with me you will get to evaluate your journey as a File type A, B or C. This will help me to help you better! 

Learn more about your file type and get a free consultation!



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