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60-min Strategy Coaching Call

$150 Per Hour

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- Helped him organize his finances and credit profile. He went from having to put $13,000 down to putting $0 down on his first home!

- Able purchase a new vehicle same day he closed on his home

- Started his business for a childcare facility for the urban communities.

- Featured in a Magazine for his major community outreach and mission to expand education and financial wellness using our program's taught practices.

- Put himself in a position to win and elevate his family. He then proposed to the love of his life in the SAME DAY of closing on his home and vehicle.

- Anniece started the program with  negative credit score 500, negative items on her report, and 0 positive credit working in her favor.

- In just a few months in the program she was able to go from a negative score to over a 400 credit score. 

- She took advantage of the building and saving credit score method and is now being approved for credit cards. 

- She will soon close on her dream home with her family. 

 - Jacqui was able to bring her score over 700 for the first time ever using the services and tips & tricks provided.

20-min Discovery Call

This purpose of this call is to identify which services will best suit your needs ! 

Choice of 1 topic below. (Session does include evaluation and analysis with take aways). 

Mindset Training included* 

Credit (Evaluation & Plan w/ Manual)

Saving, Budgeting, & Expense Reduction


Rid The Debt Planning

Finance to Retirement (Resources Available)

Exclusive Session

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