The Mind & Money Manual

In this MANUAL 


MONEY MIND (eliminate the current way of thinking that fed your bad habits pertaining to money, building a STRONG Money Mind & develop spiritual growth along the way).

A.C.E Method (Personally developed methodology to change the outlook of failure from ugly to sexy!).

The secrets to having a credit score banks love to see. (See how I was able to take my client from a NEGATIVE Credit score to a Home Ready score in a matter of months with these same tips).

The Formula to Eliminating Debt  my client applied the principles which enabled him to reduce debt and increase his credit score rewarding him with putting $0 on his FIRST home, purchase a vehicle, & launch his business in the same day).

Budgeting, Saving, Assets, Liabilities and much more.....

Here's What people are saying...

"A good mix of practical tools that can be applied in areas other than finances but also spiritual components which are big as well."
- J. A. Walker


"Noted with good information around preparing the mind for sacrifice when it comes to reorganizing your finances! Love the work book part and credit tips"