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Do you want want to take action on your finances by destroying generational debt and achieving your personal finance goals?



After destroying and rebuilding her own credit score a number of times, Brittany Greene began her career coaching others to improve their Credit Profile. Brittany then developed a system and passion for Financial Literacy.


Through workshops, courses, and exclusive coaching, Brittany has been able to successfully educate thousands on the five crucial areas of Finance.

Brittany was a former International Radio Show host for I Am Caribbean (IAC.COM) and is currently a Financial Influencer for the Modern Black Girl Blog.

Recently Brittany self-published her book tilted “The Mind & Money Manual” and was awarded Best Speaker for her chapter of Toastmasters International.

Featured on Aunties Block Podcast, The PenniZshow, & LaPetite Hustle International Podcast (Belgium).

Brittany was born in Detroit, MI and raised in Tampa, FL by her single mother. Facing years of financial struggle, Brittany went on to attend Saint Leo University as a way out. After obtaining her degree and entering the workforce Brittany still found herself in a struggle and began on a quest to find the missing pieces to her Financial Puzzle.

Today she teaches College Students & Organizations the Financial Realities, Strategies, & Systems she has both learned and developed from her years of hardship and research.



 Helped him organize his finances and credit profile. He went from having to put $13,000 down to putting $0 down on his first home!

- Able purchase a new vehicle same day he closed on his home

- Started his business for a childcare facility for the urban communities.

- Featured in a Magazine for his major community outreach and mission to expand education and financial wellness using our program's taught practices.



- Anniece started the program with  negative credit score 500, negative items on her report, and 0 positive credit working in her favor.

- In just a few months in the program she was able to go from a negative score to over a 400 credit score. 

- She took advantage of the building and saving credit score method and is now being approved for credit cards. 

- She will soon close on her dream home with her family.


- Netta was able to have negative items removed from her credit file using the our credit restoration program. 

- She also joined the credit boosting and savings program that provided her with positive credit while we worked on removing the negative items

- Netta was also able to decrease her debt to income ratio and is now in the process of closing on her first home. 



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